Autographed Memorabilia


******As a Hobby Industry we are in the middle of one of the worst forgery times that we have had in recent memory. We read and hear about dealers throughout the country that are being sentenced to jail time due to selling fake autograph & memorabilia items.  The FBI is not taking this lightly and neither is the industry!

At Papa Hawks Sports & Collectibles we pride ourselves in providing autographed sports items i.e. balls, bats, gloves, sticks, photos etc. that are available to our customers at reasonable prices.  We are for the most part a second market distribution site, whether in store, at shows or on line at our Web page, Facebook, twitter or eBay store.******

We guarantee that all of the items we sell with a autograph on them are real (to the best of our knowledge) We verify all autographs that come in to be legate. We have been in this business over 30 years and seen many fakes, forgeries and copies.  We pride ourselves in being accurate and open. If we know how the autograph was attained we will let the customer know at purchase if not we will disclose that as well.

All of our autograph items are guaranteed by Papa Hawks Sports & Collectibles. If it is verified that they are not 100% by national verification service such as JAS or PSD/DNA we will happily refund your purchase price of the item (see our return policy for more details).