It all started in 1999...
I (Mark Hochstaetter) was starting to develop my own business. My top priority was buying and selling sports memorabilia. This started with hosting shows of, attending events and searching for items for my own personal collection.

The name for Papa Hawk Sports and collectibles came from a long standing nickname of ‘Hawk’, given to me by my friends and family, throughout my high school years. I also wanted to make sure it incorporated everything I wanted to work with, which included sports cards and collectible/memorabilia pieces.

In 2004 I started building the business from the ground up. I worked hard on learning when things became valuable and how to price them. I was lucky enough to have a great network of friends, collectors, and customers who helped my business thrive. Many of whom I still deal with today.

Nearly every weekend I’d pack up my truck and head out to see my customers and attend shows. Because of my passion and enjoyment for this hobby I decided to open a small store in my retirement.

in 2013 I opened a 600 square foot store and stayed there for four years. At the end of 2016 I was starting to realize that I had outgrown our space and decided to move one mile down the road to a 2,400 square foot location that I’m currently at today!

Other changes that we have been working on include starting to collect with our customers more through the internet. I started an eBay store in the summer of 2016 to get more of our products online and reach fans who are located outside of Minnesota, and 2017/2018 will be the year we update our online presence and start selling more of our products online via our new website!

We look forward for the things to come and hope you’ll join us on this journey! Click HERE to join our monthly newsletter to stay up to date on all our products, sales, and events!
— Mark Hochstaetter

Mission Statement

To provide our customers the best possible choice of sports collectibles for the best possible price, with outstanding customer service. 


We strive to have only authentic collectibles and products in our store and online. 

However, once in a while autographed items do get past our inspection process.

You can read more about our Refunds and Shipping Policies.