Sports Card Release Dates

Below you'll find the release dates for new box sets of Sports Cards that come into the store! We continually update this blog so you know when each set was released! 

4/18/18 Topps UEFL Champions league Soccer

4/20/18 Topps Draft Picks Football

4/25/18 Upperdeck Ice Hockey

5/7/18 Topps Bowman Chrome Baseball

5/15/18 Upperdeck Hockey MVP

5/16/18 Topps WE Wrestling

5/16/18 Topps Upperdeck Authentic Hockey

5/23/18 Panini Classic Football

5/23/18 Topps platinum League Soccer

5/23/18 Topps MLS Soccer

5/30/18 Topps Pro Debut Baseball

Check back often to see when your favorite sets have been released or are going to be released!!